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Expanding Your Workforce – Why Germany is a Prime Location for Talent Sourcing

Expanding Your Workforce - Why Germany is a Prime Location for Talent Sourcing

In today’s globalized business environment, the need for a competitive edge is more important than ever. To achieve this, many companies are expanding internationally, and one way of doing so is by hiring international employees. As a company, we at Ascomani Marketing understand the importance of having an international workforce.


One of the main advantages of hiring internationals is access to a wider talent pool. With no borders, companies can tap into a diverse range of skilled workers with unique knowledge bases.

This diversity can enhance problem-solving capabilities, creativity, and innovation within the organization. With a more varied team, companies can overcome challenges and find new solutions that they may not have otherwise considered.


Recent research has also shown that companies with culturally and ethnically diverse executive teams see better-than-average profits by 33%. A diverse workforce can provide a competitive advantage by making the company more diverse, which leads to better employee morale, a positive reputation for the company’s culture, and the sharing of different international perspectives and ideas.

By having a workforce with different backgrounds and experiences, companies can better understand their clients and tailor their services to different markets.


Another benefit of hiring internationals is improving access to international markets. Foreign workers can provide specific experience and knowledge of markets, cultures, and languages that can help a company succeed in expanding to new regions. Additionally, having an international workforce can help companies overcome cultural differences such as etiquette and language barriers. By understanding these differences and adapting to them, companies can establish relationships with clients in different countries and build trust in new markets.


Germany is an excellent place to find international candidates. The country is known for its highly skilled and well-educated workforce, due to its education and vocational training systems, making it an ideal location to source mid to high-level talent. Additionally, German professionals are known for their strong work ethic and dedication, making them an attractive addition to any organization.


With a workforce of over 40 million individuals, many of whom have attended universities or renowned colleges, Germany offers a vast pool of talent. German universities accept approximately 2.7 million students every year, with the majority attending sciences and engineering courses.

This means that German workers have a strong academic background and a sound foundation of theoretical knowledge in their fields.


Germany Workforce with Family


Moreover, middle-class workers in Germany benefit from various training programs provided by almost 9,000 vocational schools. These schools deliver some of the best technicians, who are well known for their excellent skills in their crafts and trades.

Furthermore, most the German workforce is computer literate according to the OECD. What’s more, over 56% of the population in Germany speaks English, with more than 45,400,000 people speaking English on a daily basis, making it an ideal location to source talent for international companies.


Germans have a reputation for being modern, liberal, and cultured, with formal and professional working practices. In general, they are also viewed as working fewer hours but being more productive, and they hold doing everything the right way in high esteem. This idea applies both to actual work and the workspaces, which are kept organized and tidy. All this combined make German workers highly attractive to international employers.


In conclusion, companies seeking to enhance their global competitiveness and expand into new markets can benefit greatly from hiring international workers. Germany, with its highly skilled and well-educated workforce, offers an excellent source of talent for companies looking to hire international workers.


At Ascomani Marketing, we understand that even though the workforce is highly attractive, finding the right talent in Germany can be a daunting task for a foreign company. That’s why it is our job to help you navigate the complex landscape of the German job market and identify the most suitable candidates for your specific needs.

Our team has a wealth of experience in recruiting international candidates and is well-equipped to handle the unique challenges that come with hiring foreign workers. Our extensive network of contacts and resources in Germany enables us to identify and attract top talent from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds.


We take a customized approach to recruitment and work closely with each client to understand their specific requirements and preferences. This approach ensures that we identify the most suitable candidates for your organization and provide the best possible support throughout the recruitment process.


In addition to recruitment services, we provide a range of other services to assist you with your recruitment needs. For example, we verify candidate credentials and assist with the negotiation and onboarding process. We aim to make the recruitment process as seamless and stress-free as possible for our clients.



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