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Our Story

We have more than 20 years experience in the music and marketing business and know all processes in detail how to make a music ip catalogue successful. Started with music production evolving to a small record label in the rural parts of Germany the breakthrough in entrepreneurship was founding a social media agency in Berlin.

After establishing a music marketing company in cyprus, a music right management company in ireland and a.i. based production software. Now in Dubai the focus of the founder is on Metaverse / Web 3 which brings together many of the parts of the knowledge and experience of this journey.

We are driven by values

Money ain´t a thing, purpose is the most important achievement for our work. If you are in music or arts you might understand our point. If you don´t just have a chat about your visions and we can see if the chemistry is good for both sides.

Find out little proof of concept for our cute little viking bear at the world largest Marketplace for NFTs. Our Logo as an NFT at

Super Efficient

Our approach guarantees no waste of time. Perfect structure and seamless integrations into given processes.

Deeply Committed

We are not dependent on working for anyone out there, we choose partners wisely. When we cooperate we are 100% into that project.

Highly Skilled

Our track record is proof for our skills, our network allows us to get talent from areas where we might not have strengths.